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8 Tips for branding a new company, product or service

Branding is a highly important factor for businesses of all sizes. An effective branding strategy will help you to communicate your business’s personality to customers, highlighting what makes your brand unique and desirable and giving you the edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Not sure about where to get started branding your business? Here are 8 tips to help you:


Get a great logo and name

Consider how the logo and name will represent the personality of your business. For example when choosing colours for your logo, consider what sort of mood and personality the colours represent, does this match your business?


Think about your brand message

What are the underlying values of your brand? What is your brand’s story? Make sure all employees are aware of, and understand your brand message.


Integrate the brand

Ensure that the brand message and personality is consistent across everything you do, from the way that the telephones are answered to marketing literature and websites.


Think about your brand’s voice

If your brand was a person, how would they talk and act? Would they be formal or informal? Would they be cracking jokes or be serious. This exercise will help you get a real feel of the brands personality.


Create brand standards and templates for marketing materials

Any marketing materials should be instantly recognisable at a glance as belonging to your brand. Use the same colour scheme and themes throughout.


Develop a tagline

The tagline should be short, memorable and easy to associate with your brand.


Be true to your brand message and values

If a brand suddenly starts acting ‘against personality’ it will result in confusion and disappointment from customers and will cause untold damage to the brand image and reputation that you have worked so hard to build up.


Consistency is key

By being consistent with your branding, customers will feel as if they know the brand on a personal level; they will identify with the brand’s message and voice and will form an emotional attachment to your brand, becoming loyal customers for years to come.

Are you planning a new company, product or service – or even revamping an old one?

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